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English is the most important language, in today's business world; universally accepted in almost every country as 'The Business Language.'

Your future, your career and your job security in Thailand, will be improved by studying English; preferably in the English-speaking world.

Through 'Total Immersion' in the English language and culture, plus living with a 'Homestay Family', you can gain a greater understanding of both written and spoken English.

       Programmes Overseas : English Short Courses
Australia Canada New Zealand
Singapore The United Kingdom The United States of America
Purpose: We are now in a technological world and can learn many things from Internet, in two or three minutes - very fast. The first step is to learn to read and understand English. The best way to learn English, is to stay in an English speaking country, where you have a chance to learn the language, the culture and the lifestyle, of that country. Develop self-confidence and maturity, with English.

Activities: Each morning has well structured English lessons and games, with foreign English speaking teachers; developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Afternoons offer; sport, museums, art and local places of interest, in that country, with full-day excursions to important and interesting places.

Accomodation: Students live with English speaking families in each country and learn about the new culture and exchange their own Thai culture.

Time: Four weeks in April / May and three weeks in October.

Countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, The United Kingdom, The United States of America