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English is the most important language, in today's business world; universally accepted in almost every country as 'The Business Language.'

Your future, your career and your job security in Thailand, will be improved by studying English; preferably in the English-speaking world.

Through 'Total Immersion' in the English language and culture, plus living with a 'Homestay Family', you can gain a greater understanding of both written and spoken English.

       Programmes Overseas : Long Term Studies
Long Term Studies At English Language Schools, High Schools, Technical Colleges, Polytechnics and Universities overseas.

We have contact with many institutions, organizations, agents and education consultants, throughout the English - speaking world and can negotiate long term studies for Thai students, wishing to study overseas.

Information and advise is freely given to assist students.

Student Visas can be arranged for each Thai student, from the embassy concerned, in Bangkok.

Inquiries should be made at least three months in advance of the proposed starting date overseas.