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 Capital: Singapore City
 Official language: English, Malay, Mandarin, Tamil
 Population: 4,483,900
 Currency: Singapore dollar (SGD)
 Electricity power: 230V, 50Hz
 Time zone: SST (UTC+8)
 Calling code: +65
 Internet TLD: .sg
Information from wikipedia.org
       Programmes Overseas : English Short Courses

PROGRAMME: Our English Short Courses can be arranged for four weeks in April/May and three weeks in October, each year. However we prefer to consider Singapore as a "short visit destination", for fun and learning by experience.

An ideal seven day Study Tour has been arranged in the past, when local places of interest are visited, including a high school. We appoint our own experienced Thai teacher / manager, to accompany all our groups overseas. They look after our students and discuss any problems with the local organiser.

ACCOMODATION: is dormitory style in Singapore, with breakfast and dinner provided. Students have to buy their own lunches. With dormitory accomodation, our Thai teacher is an important position in Singapore, being responsible for a happy group of students. With larger groups, over fifteen students, a second Thai teacher is included in our group, as assistant.


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