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 Capital: Canberra
 Largest city: Sydney
 Government: Constitutional monarchy (federal)
 Queen: Elizabeth II
 Official language: English
 Population: 20,555,300
 Currency: Australian dollar (AUD)
 Electricity power: 240V, 50Hz
 Time zone: UTC+8 to +10.5
 Calling code: +61
 Internet TLD: .au
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       Programmes Overseas : English Short Courses

PROGRAMME: Our English Summer Courses are for four weeks in April/May and three weeks in October, each year.

Interesting and enjoyable programmes are planned and all English lessons are varied, with specialist teachers making learning fun for students.

English lessons are held each morning from approx. 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. for four days each week.

Activities, sports or visits to local places of interest, are enjoyed each afternoon. A full-day excursion by coach, is planned for one to three times; visiting the local area and places of interest; combining learning with fun.

Weekends are free for students, but our managers arrange special programmes locally, to make sure our students are happy. We appoint our own experienced Thai teacher, to accompany all our groups overseas. They look after our students and discuss any problems with the local organiser.

SCHOOLS: Schools vary in each location, but all are centrally located for easy access for foreign students. All have bright classrooms and good facilities for students.

HOMESTAY: Our overseas partners arrange good "homestay" families, within reasonable travelling distance from school. Students have their own room and are made welcome by each family. Twelve year olds and younger students, or by special request, are hosted together for company, with a family.

Full-board is provided in each "homestay", including breakfast and dinner, plus a packed-lunch on weekdays and three meals per day, at weekends.


Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, The United Kingdom,
The United States of America